Background & Profile

Amo Farm Industries Ltd was established in 1960 by the distinguished industrialist Chief. A. Amoje. It went into partnership with a German company called Katman Germany in 1970 to exploit emerging opportunities in the poultry industry especially in egg production.

The merger with SCPA group (a French multinational) selling feed to Nigerian farmers resulted in the construction of a feed mill in 1987 and Amo Sanders was born. It further expanded and started hatchery, Amo Farm Sanders Hatchery in 1987 to produce Day-old-chicks.

In 2002, the French sold the Company and the new Management resumed as Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd (AFSH) to produce high quality day old chicks (Layer, Broiler, Noiler) and point of cage (POC) pullets for farmers all over Nigeria.