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Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited

Background & Profile

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Amo Farm Industries Ltd was established in 1960 by the distinguished industrialist Chief. A. Amoje. It went into partnership with a German company called Katman Germany in 1970 to exploit emerging opportunities in the poultry industry especially in egg production. The merger with SCPA group (a French multinational) selling feed to Nigerian farmers resulted in the construction of a feed mill in 1987 and Amo Sanders was born. It further expanded and started hatchery, Amo Farm Sanders Hatchery in 1987 to produce Day-old-chicks. In 2002, the French sold the Company and the new Management resumed as Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Ltd (AFSH) to produce high quality day old chicks (Layer, Broiler, Noiler) and point of lay (POL) pullets for farmers all over Nigeria.

Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited has a Vision to be the market leader in the Day Old Chicks market; through exceptional quality products and services that will guarantee profitable poultry farming.

The Company was established in 2002 to produce high-quality Day-Old Chicks and Point of Cage Pullets. Over the years, we have remained focused on our main objective to produce high quality birds, in a highly hygienic environment leveraging innovative solutions grounded in Research and Development.

Our Quality Day Old Chicks

Our innovative chick production techniques have given us the competitive edge and proven us to be the only source farmers can trust. Our commitment to premium quality and the abundance of benefits derivable from Amo chicks have made our birds the “Wise Farmer’s Choice”.

Quality Product Lines

Happy Farmers

Professional Team

Our Behaviour

Respond to all requests and transactions within 24 hours

Source right and give customers better value for money

Be consistent in all products and services

Be friendly helpful and respectful to all especially customers

Be well dressed and maintain a clean working environment at all times

Build long term relationship with all stakeholders

Treat company property like yours

Think safety and live healthy

Conduct all company business with Honor, Integrity and Commitment

Find new ways to reduce expenses while maintaining quality


Why Choose Us

Our commitment to premium quality and the abundance of benefits derivable from Amo chicks have made our birds the “Wise Farmer’s Choice”.

Innovative Chick Production Techniques

Our Innovative Chick Production Techniques is second to none in the Industry.

Industry Edge and Competitive Advantage

We are proud of our quality day old chicks and point of cage birds as the best in the market.

24/7 Support

All the professional before, during and after sales support service is what we make available to you.

We are referred to as the “Wise Farmer’s Choice”

Amo birds from Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited (AFSH) are produced for optimum egg producing efficiency for layers and weight gain / feed conversion for broilers. These birds have consistently given value to farmers and have shown why it remains the “Source Farmers Can Trust”.