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GES (Government Enhancement Scheme) Program

The GES Program is a product of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture under the Agricultural Transformation Agenda. The program is designed to empower the Livestock Value Chain by linking and strengthening stakeholders involved in the chain i.e. the hatcheries, distributors and farmers; guided by officials of the state and federal government.

Under the 2014 program, poultry farmers in 27 states were given 100 birds, feeds, drugs and vaccines with farmers making a % contribution while the government makes up the difference. Supply is made through an Agro dealer that serves as the distributor.

The expectation of the government is that the program will be a springboard for the farmers to continue, and expand their business of poultry farming. The government has equally through the program exposes the Agro dealer (distributor) and hatcheries to farmers.

A lot of hatcheries competed for the opportunity to be part of the program but Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited (AFSH) was chosen ahead of other major hatcheries.


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To know more about GES:

Broiler Out-Grower Scheme

Our Company Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited (AFSH) is one of the leading producers of Day Old Chicks, Point of Lay and Commercial Table Eggs in Nigeria.

As market leader and in repositioning and encouraging broiler farming for growth; the company created the Broiler Out-Grower scheme as a means of supporting existing / new farmers to go into poultry farming by creating route to market.

Growth of Broiler farming especially in the Western region has been constrained due to inability of farmers to sell these birds after attaining market weight. With the Broiler Out-Grower Scheme of Amo Farm Sieberer Hatchery Limited (AFSH) and its subsidiary natnudO Foods; farmers are now encouraged to rear broiler birds with an option of buying back by AFSH

Beyond this cheery news; farmers in partnership with AFSH on this scheme are given technical advice on how to optimize the growth of their broilers and / or layers for free.

For more information on this scheme; kindly call 07031177746 or 0700amochicks (0700266244257)

34 Comments so far:

  1. markaz dajjajah farms says:

    thank you for ur information. i started rearing amo chicks last month and i am very impressed by their immunity level and growth rate.
    i am in kano and i have not heard of the GES. is it applicable here in the north?
    thank you

  2. Stepmust Nig Ltd Jos says:

    Can you please introduce this Broiler out Grower Scheme in Jos. our major proplem has been marketing our birds after maturity. Thank you.

  3. obaiyi says:

    I will like to have a detailed cost of DOC for broiler,cockrel,pullet and turkey. I reside in PH do u ship to Rivers state

  4. Ajay kumar says:

    I want to start this business with you , Kindly share with me necessary knowledge for this.

  5. Awosiyan Gabriel O says:

    Sir,concerning d out grower programme am interested i based in ibadan but my farm is in ikirun osun state…capacity of 2000 birds is it possible for amo to stock farms outside oyo state

  6. Abubakar says:

    I am rearing Ammo broilers in Kano state. My broblem is with the medication. Kindly send me the broiler medication programe via my email adress. Thanks

  7. Beulah Investment says:

    Would like to know how to participate in the outgrowers scheme.

  8. Ibrahim says:

    Please I am very interested in the broiler outgrow scheme, would appreciate if I can get the necessary details from admin. Thanks

  9. Onuawuchi Charles says:

    I think i like your business outlook, i am an intending poultry layer farmer.For the meanwhile, am preparing myself on information,having acquired a piece of land in a remote area for this purpose.i wish to be receiving newsletter from you.
    Thanks for your assistance

  10. Kindly our farm is in kogi state. I will like to be getting day old chicks from your company. Do you have any distributor in kogi state or is it posible for me to getting the supply directly from your company.

  11. asamu ezra olalekan says:

    Pls. Can you bring the quantity of the broilers down to 500-1000

  12. Mamot Kalwang says:

    Dear Sir, I currently need 1000 layer birds.Where in Jos can I come now to book.Grateful if you can detail me on the unit cost.

    Thank you.


  13. pastor ademola adesida says:

    I want to be part of the program . my farm is at no 13adeolu faluji street , off liasu road. egbe idimu. ikotun . Lagos. tel:08106367432./09053955114.

  14. pastor ademola adesida says:

    i want to be a big farmer that will be able to employ staffs and also to produce enough birds and eggs for the community at large. I want to be included in the program when ever the opportunity comes again . and the lord will help the harshry to always give their best so as to achieve a good result at the end of the whole things .the hand that does not work will not eat.

  15. Aina Adedayo says:

    Already ready to sign a mou with your agents but I want to find out what are the advantages of using Amo feed

  16. pls how can we key into the GES programme sir. State chairman .NASME

  17. Oluwadare Sunday says:

    I have long desired to start up a poultry farm for egg production basically. But my constraints in the small space available to me at the moment. The already constructed house can not take more than 3 units of automated cages which can house only about 300 birds. If you wouldn’t mind to help me start from this point, kindly advice me on how to book this few birds and cost estimate for the cage. Thanks

  18. Akinwumi says:

    The out grower scheme you introduced,I believe you have the capacity to take all the farmers you are in partnership with as I heard a lot of people are going into really interested but I want to know bearing my last experience in getting market for the broilers I invested in lately.thank you.

  19. areago oreoluwa says:

    pls, i want to knw d price details for turkey,boiler,cockerl and pullet. and i also need to know if u sell bird cage ( capacity to hold 120birds).tks

  20. Abdullahi m says:

    How much is your point of lay, I reside here in Niger State and will want to know the cost.

  21. Chief Aderemi Emmanuel says:

    I am interested in the Broiler Out-Grower Scheme. How do I partake in it?

  22. Joseph Oluwasesan Ojo says:

    I will like to know more about FASH. Am a young graduate and i would like to go into agrobusiness. So pls i really need more clarification about how to market the produce of my poultry farm thanks.

  23. Odunuga lanre says:

    I’m interested in the out grower scheme. I am a start up poultry farmer with an ability to finance self. Can i please have more detail.

  24. Bolade Joseph Ajayi says:

    Pls kindly get me the detail cost of DOC for, broiler,cockrel,pullet and Turkey

  25. Bolade Joseph Ajayi says:

    Can ur company help somebody who can do well, and acquired land but financially low ?

  26. Peter says:

    What are the terms of the Out-Grower scheme?
    I’m interested in the program.

  27. Victor Olujoba Adetunji says:

    I am residing at Port Harcourt. I have 20 plots of farm-land at Etche. I am interested in your programme. Furnish with details asap. i appreciate.

  28. Omoyemi Ismaeel says:

    pls I w like to know more about the broiler out grower scheme.. av heard abt it for long but I need direct information from the company
    thank you

  29. David Godson says:

    Good day,

    Please I write regarding your “natnupreneur scheme” that is on going for young farmers.
    I am new into poultry farming and just bought a acre of land at Abeokuta to enable me start off.
    However, when I saw the information of the natnupreneur, I knew this is for me because I actually need your support in starting up my poultry farm being that I am an employee but want to have something to fall back on in case of the unknown and to also have an extra income for the family.
    So please, I would like to learn from you and get your support as well. Looking forward to your favorable response.


  30. Damianos says:

    I need a day old chicks. How do I book for one.

  31. Udy says:

    Do you operate in Abia state????

  32. Adelakun Samuel says:

    I am a broiler farmer with 2000 birds current capacity every 3weeks. a brooded pen for 2000 (doc) b
    raising pen for 2000 birds
    I wish to do your grow out to full farm production capacity.

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